Frequently Asked Questions?

For some time I thought about a section for this website dedicated to my workflow. Because many people kept asking over the years what I do, how I take my photographs, how I retouch, what gear I use and so on. But then I saw a presentation by Studio Pandan. They made a whole presentation out of their FAQ which seemed a great idea. I will add more questions and answers over time. For now, let’s start …

Are you employed or do you work as a freelancer?

In 2013 I decided to work as a full-time photographer and retoucher on a freelance base. It’s not a hobby. It’s a job. And I really like what I am allowed to do every day.

Photographer is not a real job‽

“Photography? That's easy. All you have to do is push the button.”, This is a usual response when people learn what I do for a living.

Are you interested in analog film photography?

Yes, partly. I took and developed analog film myself but nowadays I am 100% focused on digital imagery. Despite that from time to time I play around with Polaroids. But this is just a hobby.

Do you manipulate/ retouch your photographs?

Yes, I do.

Why do you use Photoshop?

We all have viewing habits. Also there is a difference in looking at someone face to face or at a photograph. The perception is totally different. You see more details, you pay much more attention to flaws, blemeshes, spots, wrinkles, dark under-eyes, you name it. In addition a camera gives its own interpretation of the real world that mostly is not the result you would expect and – more importantly – accept. Retouching helps to correct this.

Long story short: I match perception and reality.

It seems you take a lot of photos in and for the type scene, right?

It depends on the perspective. From within the scene it may look I am only taking photographs of type designers, studios, and so on. For me it’s just a small fraction of my time. And no, I am not employed by Monotype. It’s a client like many others, too. I just really like all things type.